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Anna Goldstein is an NYU certified coach, entrepreneur, Huffington Post contributor, former nationally ranked tennis player and author. The Profit With Purpose show is an informative and uplifting podcast where Anna dives into lives of entrepreneurs, healers, and change-makers who are making money through living their purpose. The goal is to provide practical tips to inspire you to be profitable living your life’s purpose. As a student of psychology, new age thinking, meditation, mindfulness techniques and yoga, Anna weaves these spiritual principles into her show. Guests on the podcast have been Mastin Kipp, Kate Northrup, Jairek Robbins, and more. Find out more at:
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Dec 28, 2017

Jeff Bezos, the creator of Amazon recently became the richest man in the world. He had a regular job in finance when he first heard about the thing called ‘The Internet’. He had this idea to come up with a web portal where people could buy books over the Internet.

When he gave up his job, his boss was not very supportive of the idea and insisted him to keep his job. Jeff had other plans, he eventually made a decision, quit his job, started his own company. Jeff regularly talks about how it is up to us to either live life of adventure or of ease. Life is all about making choices and taking risks.

Sometimes, the biggest risk is not to take any risk.

Imagine if Jeff Bezos never took that risk; he would never have been able to live a life that he has now. Moreover, it would have been impossible for him to have this huge impact on lives of so many people who use Amazon day in day out.

We are all born with gifts but what we choose to do with it makes the difference.
Leaving you with the following question:

What would you do if you chose to utilize your gifts?

Dec 21, 2017

Rachel Luna is a Best Selling Author, Speaker, Confidence and Mindset Coach. She helps remarkable individuals just like you get clear, confident and take consistent action, so you can do that big thing you were born to do. She also is the podcast host of REAL Talk. She is not only a survivor of her parents who had AIDS but she is a thriver and on today’s podcast she shares her story about faith and forgiveness.

What do you stand for more than anything else?

She stands for the word of God more than anything else, and try to live her life accordingly. She believes that she is here only because of God. She believes it is a blessing that both of her parents had aids while she did not. Her biological mother died when she was three. Her father gave up her custody to her godmother. So she grew up in between houses, believing that her dad did not love her and everyone she ever loved had gone. Later she found out the reason her dad gave her up was because he didn't have money, and wanted better for her. Long after her father passed away she learned that her godmother wanted to adopt her legally, but her father loved her so much that he could not gave her up for adoption. So the lesson she stresses upon here is to pay attention to the stories we tell ourselves, because they may not be facts. She also says that if there is someone you have discord with and they are still alive, please have conversations with them now, so you do not regret it later.

How did you fight all these odds?

She actually continued to make mistakes, leading her to have two eating disorders in high school. She was anorexic. She would go without eating for days, and when she finally would get hungry, she would binge eat and make herself sick. Her father died during her freshmen year, leading her to fall into promiscuity and alcoholism. She continued to make one poor decision after another. But she did have a small shift and manage to graduate, later joining the Marine Corps. She noticed that she would have small breakdowns, and every time she had a breakdown she was able to calm and rise and have a breakthrough. This went on for a decade. She thinks that what really helped her in that cycle was her first child, because now she had a bigger purpose. She says that when we only think of ourselves we continue to make mistakes that satisfy us only at the moment, without consideration of future repercussions. But when we start thinking outside of ourselves, that is when we can make a lasting impact.

When was your turning point?

For her there was no single turning point in her life, it was incremental. At first, she hated being a mom. She was trying to build her business and wanted to do for herself. Later there was a slight shift in how she felt about her children. The first moment she felt some connection with her daughter was when the doctors thought she had a tumor. There was an innate desire to protect and care for, but not motherly love. She never felt that motherly bond until her oldest daughter was seven, and these little shifts turned her life around.

What are some core principles that you teach?

She teaches how to take faith-based confident action, and by faith, she means faith in what you believe. The first step to it is to separate facts from the stories you tell yourself. Once you do that, you can rewrite the stories. She says that resentment is poisonous. Forgiveness is not for the others, it is for you. She says that in order to move forward, she had to stop looking at things that happened to her, and rather look at things that happened for her because that allowed her to become the strongest version for herself. She says that the time and energy that is spent on the thought of things that happened to you is derailing you from the time and energy that can be focused on moving forward.

How did you become a coach?

It was in 2006, she was in Marine Corps, working overseas in a hospital. She was over $40K in debt and overweight. Her reviewing officer told her that if she lost 10 pounds, she will look better in uniform and he will give her a higher review, even though she was within weight standards. She faced a lot of abuse and discrimination in Marine Corps, but she still loves it because Marine Corps happened for her. Later she also found out that her boyfriend was happily married. Her life was a mess. So she hired a life coach, and as they were working together her coach told her that she had such an amazing story and that she should become a life coach. She found it unlikely at the moment, but because of the encouragement from her coach she did become a life coach later on, and she is grateful for it.

What is your “why”?

She says that there are some people out there who do not yet know why they do what they are doing, they just know they have to do it. For the first five years of her business, she did not know her “why”, she just knew she is supposed to, that she is called to do it. According to her, you do not have to know why, as long as you know you are called to do it. Today she knows that she does it because she truly desires women to live their lives truly self-expressed, to stop fearing from being who they really are. She also says that we do not have one life purpose, we have a seasonal purpose. So if you are feeling like you do not know your purpose, then just think about your purpose now.

What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

Speak your truth. Say what you want to say.

How can we get in touch with you?

You can visit her at

She is also active at Instagram @girlconfident

Dec 14, 2017

Sarah Austin is one part product manager, one part data scientist, one part marketer, and 100% entrepreneur. She is the CEO and founder of Broad Listening, an artificial emotional intelligence agent, and the chairperson of the board of directors at Coding FTW, a nonprofit organization that promotes diversity and equal rights in the technology sector through education. Her marketing campaigns have been recognized by Wired, NYT, and she won AdAge "campaign of the year." In 2012 she made the Forbes as a 30 Under 30 list for her work consulting for brands including Intel, Ford, Virgin America, Jay-Z, and General Motors. She was also a cast member of the Bravo! reality series, Start-Ups: Silicon Valley.

What is cryptocurrency?

She is a blogger on as an investor and advisor to startups. One of the topics she recently covered is about cryptocurrency. Crypto stands for cryptography which means being encrypted. It is a secure way to store information. Blockchain is often associated with cryptocurrency because it is a ledger in which those transactions are recorded. Cryptocurrency is on a blockchain. It is a feature of blockchain technology.

What is the future of businesses regarding cryptocurrency?

She says that a lot of businesses view cryptocurrency as a way to raise investment. But in reality that is not the case. There are companies that utilize blockchain technology to solve various real-world problems, such as in pipe chain management. Cryptocurrency can be the feature of such business, but should not be the sole purpose of that business. She thinks that future is not so much about the cryptocurrency, but more about those businesses and the solutions they provide.

How do you receive payments in cryptocurrency?

She says that she is open to receiving payments for her marketing services and consultancy in cryptocurrency. Sometimes the business is in a different country, so it is easier and faster to be paid in a cryptocurrency when it comes to international transactions. She says that she does not hold the money and invest it, but cashes it out immediately into US dollars, also providing her invoices in US dollars.

What was your first business?

She was 17 when she started her first business, which was Story Today TV, a news production and content business. Following that she started another content company called Pox17, targeting young people interested in the lifestyle of online micro-celebrities, featuring interviews with these influencers and their stories.

What has been your biggest success?

She received a lot of press and recognition when she made the Forbes 30 under 30 list for Pop17. Immediately following that she was invited to star in a reality TV on Bravo called Start-Ups: Silicon Valley, documenting a handful of entrepreneurs and their businesses.

What is the most challenging part of the journey as being an entrepreneur?

It takes a lot of tenacity to being an entrepreneur. Not every business idea is going to work, so falling down and getting back up on your feet to reinvent yourself takes tenacity. But as long as you are learning along the way, nothing is a complete failure, it is a part of the path to take you in the direction where you ultimately need to be.

What is the one thing people often misunderstand about you?

People misunderstood her as a very glamorous and exciting person. She says that the image of her that gets portrayed on television and social media, although a lot of that is real, is not really who she truly is. She considers herself as very basic. Her day to day life is quite wholesome and not glamorous. Working with celebrities like Lady Gaga and Jay Z, being on a reality TV and having a large social media following culminates in a persona that does not truly reflect who she is as a person.

What makes a business successful?

She thinks that the team and the founders are the key that venture capitalists should think about when they try to predict the success of a business.

When you were a little girl, did you think you would grow up and be an entrepreneur?

She thinks that never thought of becoming an entrepreneur, rather that is who she always has been. She was always trying to hustle and make money in creative ways. From lemonade stand, mowing lawns to creating babysitting service, she was always thinking of ways to grow and scale operation, like how she can get the neighbors to pitch in to donate cookies and lemonade for the lemonade stand and how to get neighbor’s kids to work at the lemonade stand to have this thing going for every single day. She says that ever since she was a little kid she has always been an entrepreneur, always looking for ways to optimize and scale.

What is the most worthwhile investment you ever made?

She says that starting a non-profit organization for promoting girls education is the best investment she ever made. When she was running Pop17, her offices was in twitter building located in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco, which is a very low-income inner-city neighborhood with a lot of problems. A lot of startups and tech businesses had their offices there because it is the least expensive region in San Francisco. She thought of how she can create educational programs that can provide young adults internships and jobs when they eventually graduate so that they can, in turn, provide for their families, creating a long-term sustainable community. She is working with this ambition for over five years and considers it the most rewarding experience and investment of her time.

Do you have any mentors?

She started her first business when she was a teenager, and she thinks that she could not have been able to achieve that if it was not for the mentorship and advice of Steve Wozniak. He was such a great and earlier influencer in her life. He even wrote her college letter of recommendation and encouraged her to be an entrepreneur.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

Wozniak used to tell her to follow her dreams and believe in herself. He always pushed her to think bigger and to do bigger things.

Tell us how we can get in touch with you?

You can get in touch with her on twitter (@sarahaustin) and also on Facebook (

Dec 7, 2017

Emily Pereira is a yoga teacher, dateless trained writing teacher and spirit nature certified spiritual advocate. Most important to her - she’s a woman who’s for other women. Formerly entrenched in the corporate world and caught in an endless cycle of never feeling like IT was enough, Emily had a much (needed) spiritual awaking that allowed her to recover her dormant creativity. She wrote a novel, learned to play guitar, write and sing original songs, paint large canvasses, and dance in Le Vie Noir burlesque troupe – all after 32 years of believing she didn’t have a creative bone in her body.


It started about eight years ago when she started to question her purpose in life. She would experience sleepless nights, this question would keep her awake all night. She kept on ignoring that inner voice for quite some time but she knew she had to deal with it eventually. She would constantly ask the following question from herself

“When are you going to do something that truly matters to you?”

Although, Emily was doing a lot of things in her life that she thought would bring happiness to her life.

For many people, Emily was living a perfect life. She earned quite a lot of money, would frequently travel around Europe, party on the weekends and wear expensive designer clothes all the time. But deep down, she knew she wasn’t living her purpose, she wasn’t happy but she did not know how she could find her true purpose in life.

Emily’s world crumbled when her partner who she had been dating for five years cheated on her. She dropped weight, developed a strange and rare skin condition that no doctor could explain and eventually moved out from her beachfront home into a small apartment. She lost a lot of her friends who preferred to side with her partner. Back then, she was devastated but she realized this event helped her find her true purpose in life and helped her pursue inner happiness and satisfaction. She met this spiritual teacher, James Stellar who is also the founder of Spirit Nature Healing Centre. During their first session, James made Emily realize that her pain had nothing to do with her partner who cheated on her. It was more related to the illusions she had developed about herself and about the people around her. James asked Emily to stop being perfect all the time and believed Emily tried very hard to fit into something that was completely unaligned with her talents and personality. Emily thought she had to be perfect in order to be worthy of approval, acceptance, and love. In one of her sessions with James, he asked Emily if she was doing anything that was creative and Emily’s response was that she is not a creative person at all. He was amused at her response because he believed Emily was creative yet failed to use her creativity up to that point in her life. He went on to explain that creativity is an energy that is a natural part of being human and she was inhibiting her creative abilities by trying to be perfect and not exploring herself. There is nothing in this world that is perfect, a tree is not perfectly straight, a flower is not perfectly symmetrical. He asked her to stop trying to be perfect and to allow herself to be a beginner. A beginner does not know anything so a beginner cannot fail at anything.

How were you able to make money while still tapping into your creativity?

Throughout this self-exploration journey, Emily still had her job. She was able to explore herself while still having a regular job and earning money from it. She says when something is important for us in our life, we make time for it no matter how hectic our daily routine is. You do not need to change your entire life to explore opportunities for yourself and to discover your true potential. For Emily, it was a gradual progression.

How did you end up living in Costa Rica?

Living in Costa Rica has got a lot to do with her retreats. Her retreats are called ‘The Mermaid Sisterhood’ designed for women and these retreats really allow women to link together giving permission to each other to be in a process that begins with surfing on the beach, then yoga, followed by writing. Emily, from her own experience, knows that writing is a gateway to enhance your creativity. She was leading one such retreat in Costa Rica and on the last day of her retreat as she was sitting on her surfboard watching the sun shine brightly in the sky, at that moment Emily felt like she had never been more happier in her life. She said to her inner-self that one day she is going to move to Costa Rica and live there. A few months later was her thirty-seventh birthday and she took a trip to Costa Rica where she met her future husband on a beach and they surfed together. They started to exchange notes and her husband asked her out for a dinner. Before her return from Costa Rica, her husband asked her to move to Costa Rica with him. Emily took some time, thought about the idea and finally moved to Costa Rica and married the guy who is now the father of Emily’s daughter.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to be creative but does not know how to start?

It all just comes down to permission. A lot of women are waiting for outside validation, waiting for someone to come to them and tell them they have the potential to do things they want to do. However, the reality is that you have the power to give yourself permission right now. It all depends on you. Stop looking for external validation, take the leap, believe in yourself and grow.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

There are two pieces of advice that Emily would like to share. The first piece of advice that she has been given is to be the beginner, which means to take initiatives in your life, to try out new things and explore your talents and potential. The second best piece of advice is that you are responsible for every single thing in your life. Everything good, or bad that happens to you is because you choose it for you. You are responsible for your own happiness.

How can we connect with you?

You can find more about her from her website.

Her website’s URL is

You can also find a free e-book on her website by the name ‘Unstoppable Woman’.

You can also connect with her on Instagram through the following link.